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Live Chat Support
Live Chat Support with Magic Mayo!

Magic Mayo is a leading outsourcing company in the UK, offers cost-effective and seamless live chat support services to its prestigious customers around the globe. Our comprehensive and proficient live chat support customized customer service for all non-technical as well as technical services and products.

How lives chat support is cost-effective?

Live chat support is a fast and reliable medium that helps companies to interact with their targeted audience or customers. It is used to invite the customers to provide any support regarding the product or any new update in real time. Live chat support is an effective two-way communication that can be used as valuable communication. It is not only useful for the communication but a powerful way of marketing. Companies use this method for their powerful marketing and sales. If we compare live phone support to live chat support, both are very different economically and many other reasons.

Phone marketing is very costly while live chat support is cost effective and you can contact to various persons in a single time. We offer you very affordable price structure. Live chat is per-figured and very easy to install and use. We provide you a comprehensive guidance or any assistance you required. It does not need any additional add-one or modules to be installed by your customer or any other visitor. It will use already available functionalities in the modern browser. If any visitor wants to communicate with you through live chat support he only needs to click the button Live Chat. That button is permanently placed to your website. Simply a customer care executive will handle the next communication. We have made the approach to your customer very easy and steady.

So giving real time answers to your clients mean to boost up your business. It is a unique way to represent your business and brand in front of a large audience. You can get the remarks and feedback of your users easily.

Why Our Live Chat Support Service?

Choosing our live chat support services can give you many benefits

  • Increasing customer integrity by providing the right answers
  • Effective and long-lasting e-commerce sales
  • Real-time assistance
  • Helping the customers to complete online orders
  • Ability to check traffic on your website

Magic Mayo has a number of years of experience in providing various proficient outsource solutions to its customers. Our live chat support ensures greater and cost-effective customer support in the true sense.

We offer various in budget packages for every type of business either it is small or medium, or bid, we tailor your needs accordingly. At the edge of your website window an icon of live chat support will give your visitors a new look and they will appreciate your sense and effort of customer care. In recent time, customer needs attention to if you want to push your sales truly.